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Complete Report$9,00Get the history of a property and related information.1 Property and history included.
Pro Packages$26,00Perfect for future buyers and sellers. Get informed with full transparency.$5 per history and records.
Elite Package$52,00For real estate professionals, get detailed information at your fingertips.$1.00 Property index and documents.
Index of buildings and documents of the Quebec land registry: $1.00
Mapping of municipal zoning
Mapping of cadastral plans
Mapping of flood zones, landslide areas, protected areas, wetlands, and agricultural zones
Sales price history and number of owners.
History of renovation and construction permits (if available).
Detailed land plots and cadastral maps (lot).
Municipal Zoning.
Flood Zone.
Landslide Zone.
Protected Areas.
Land contamination.
Agricultural Zone
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Find answers to our most frequent questions?

Can we change our subscription after signing up on Immocalcul?

Yes, changing plans is possible at any time through your user space on Immocalcul. The adjusted payment will automatically be made on your card for the next cycle. Choosing a higher plan immediately activates new benefits, while a lower plan will take effect at the end of the current cycle.

Is it possible to get a refund for an ordered property history?

We do not offer refunds once the property history has been provided or accessed, except in the event of our fault. This policy is due to our acquisition of data in real time, which incurs costs for our company. Refunds granted, if any, will use the initial payment method.

Are the real estate data on Immocalcul up-to-date?

By using Immocalcul, you benefit from our commitment to provide updated and comprehensive information. However, it is important to note that some of our data comes from third-party sources. Despite the rarity of discrepancies, variations may occur. Rest assured of our determination to maintain the accuracy of the data provided.

What does access to the file for 30 days mean?

For each individual purchase, we offer access to the property record for 30 days. This allows you to benefit from any updates concerning the property data. This extended access ensures that you have the most recent and complete information over the given period.

What is account top-up on Immocalcul?

Account top-up is an option that allows you to deposit funds into your Immocalcul account in advance, facilitating future purchases without the need for a payment for each transaction. This prepaid system makes accessing services faster and simpler.

How does the refund work from the account balance?

Refunds from the account balance are possible, but a 3% commission may be applied to cover the fees imposed by our payment partners, such as Stripe, during the refund process. The amount added to your balance remains yours and never expires, ensuring flexibility and security in managing your funds.

Any other questions? We are here to help.

The Immocalcul sales support team will be pleased to answer your questions.